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Previous Location

Once again business grew and the staff hardly had room to breathe. Property became available such as the John Robbins Estate, and the old Triangle Cafe, and plans were made with Noah's Construction Company, to begin building a new restaurant.

For months the dining room and to go line at the old building were still packed and you could see from the kitchen the relief was in sight this new building would double the size of our dining room, and there would be three times the number of ovens. They just had to make it through one more Christmas.

Every time the old restaurant gets brought up in conversation it is always with fondness. 

Even when talking about waiting in line to use the restroom out back on a Friday night.

It would be safe to say that a restaurant such as Pizza King would not have had the success it has had without people who are willing to put in the long hours and make sure that we live up to our motto of, "a smile in every bite."

Hal Inman's father "Peck" came and joined the team when Bill closed the Pizza King in Tyler in the mid 1970's and moved his family down to Austin.

In 1996 Hal and Wanda Inman handed over all day to day operations to their three children; Hal Inman III, Lisa Knight, and Tracy Alford. Collectively these three, and long time coworker John Wilson, have close to 100 years of experience making sure that our customers really do get to experience the "Best Pizza In East Texas."