For months Hal and numerous other employees commuted daily from Tyler to the Longview location.

Many times Hal's wife Wanda would hire a babysitter to stay with the kids and she would ride the bus to Longview to work until closing time, and ride back home with Hal.

Mid 1966 the Inman's sold their home in Tyler and officially moved to Longview.

1100 E. Marshall Ave. Longview TX 75601 us


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Early Pizza King

In 1954 the building that Pizza King operated in was constructed by Eddie and Earlene Williams. It was originally designed as a drive in and operated under the names of "Weber's" and "Four Oaks"

It was located at the intersection of East Marshall and Stuckey Drive, in an area known to the locals as the "mile of smiles".

Also in the 1950's in Corsicana, Texas Hal Inman Jr. and his brother Bill had the idea to start a pizza parlor. Shortly after they installed a slate oven and began experimenting with different ideas and recipes, mostly through trial and error they established the dough and pizza sauce recipe we are still using today.

Business began to grow, Bill moved to Tyler, Texas to open the first Pizza King. Hal Inman and his wife Wanda remained in Corsicana until 1963 when they sold the burger shop and moved to the Tyler area to rejoin his brother.

Once again business began to grow so Bill and Hal began looking for other potential locations. That was when the recently closed drive-in was discovered in Longview, Texas.